Courtney Thomas
August 21, 2018

To Trend or Not to Trend?
When Trends Work and When to Avoid Them

I have a love/hate relationship with trends. Ask anyone in our office. You might hear “Oooh, taboo topic. Courtney hates trends!” Not true. I don’t hate trends! Ok, there might be a few I don’t love, but not all trends are made equal. The frustration for me is that trends, like bright, shiny objects, often distract people from asking the right questions about their home. Trends are transient. Our homes are not. The bigger picture should always be about how you use your space and how you can build your home to accommodate the way you use it..

For most of us, our homes are part of the long-term plan. We expect to be in them for a decade or two. If so, trends don’t always stand the test of time or function. This is where the rubber meets the road for me. Let’s say you love the look of a mirrored chest of drawers and you have small kids and an Arts-and-Craft style house. I may suggest that unless you want to wipe down toddler prints every day and convert an entire room of your house to a more high-glam vibe, mirrored furniture may not be a good fit. Some trends can stand the test of time and may be a great addition for your home. Designers can help you navigate those murky waters.

If you find yourself traveling down the brass fixture and shiplap path, ask yourself the following:
1. Does it fit the style of my home?
2. Does it function for my needs?
3. Do I love it or do I just like it?
4. If I love it, do I love it enough to add it now and possibly have to change it in a few years if I grow out of it?

Here are 2 trends I have really loved & are good for the long-term:

# 1

I have loved the wall planking “shiplap” trend especially in coastal or farmhouse designs. I think millwork always adds depth and movement to a space.

Farmhouse Dining RoomImage Source: Robert Brown Interior Design

# 2

Muted, casual fabrics and dark finishes on fixtures. I love the unfussy, relaxed vibe of these spaces. They feel warm, inviting, and, more than anything, family-friendly.

Family Friendly Living RoomImage Source: Studio McGee

Here are 2 trends that may not be long-term wise for your space:

# 1

Trough or bucket sinks in a kid’s bathroom. My kids have “stuff.” Where do you store toothbrush, toothpaste, and hair accessories around a trough sink? Teenage girls? Where will their make-up go?

Kids Bathroom Design

# 2

Ultra-Violet was named the Pantone color of the year. Completely Committing to the look may be a bold choice you’ll think twice about after living with it for a week.

Ultra Violet Interior Design

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