Courtney Thomas
March 07, 2019

Sparking Inspiration

Springing forward (pun intended), I am done with the moodiness of Winter gloom and all my unsustainable New Year’s Resolutions. I want to roll up my sleeves and dive into Spring’s warm weather and cleansing mantra one room at a time. Marie Kondo, bring on the joy!

Courtney New Year Resolutions

Or at least bring the joy until I have to temper it with a reality check. Spring cleaning can begin innocently enough. It starts with that one club chair you keep meaning to re-cover or replace and gets out of hand quickly, spiraling into a rabbit hole of whole room remodel frenzy. So, before we march into makeover madness, pick one room in the house and begin with some basic questions: What’s the big picture plan for this space? Do I want to clear out some stuff so I can see my floors again and deep clean the crayon-covered walls so I remember their original color or am I looking for something more than a quick refresh?

Courtney Powder Room Design

My pendulum and spring cleaning stamina swing in both directions. My enthusiasm meets its limit at the corner of two important and humbling considerations: time and money. Don’t worry, though! We have some ideas for all levels of enthusiasts.

Here are some tips to spark inspiration.

1. Keep it Clean – Let’s say it’s a simple, but thorough house cleaning you’re after and you (like me) need an accountability schedule. Click here to check out Oprah’s daily break-down of tasks.

2. A Quick Refresh of What You’ve Got – If you are looking for more renewable ways to make some change, click here for a few tips for quick fixes.

3. More than Casual Commitment: When you’re feeling ready and (dare I say) brave enough for something a little more permanent than some refreshed bookcase styling, try kicking it into gear with some of the ideas found here.

4. Go Big AND Go Home: When the wheels really come off and you decide you’re all in and it’s whole room or bust… give us a call.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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