Full service interior design by Courtney Thomas Design in La Cañada
Full service interior design by Courtney Thomas Design in La Cañada
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Full-Service Interior Design & Home Furnishings

Our La Cañada based full service design studio takes your project from concept to completion. From the initial design idea to done-just-for you. From simply living in your home to living life exactly as you want.

This is what “full service interior design” means to us, and while I’d like to tell you it can be done with the wave of a wand, there are many decision-making moments along the way. That’s why we’re here, to help you make them so you’ll live your life in a home that supports and inspires you to live purposefully.

New build services of Courtney Thomas Design, La Cañada


New Build

A blank slate

Diving deeply into what you want this home to be. Exploring how it needs function for the story you’re living today, and anticipating how your story will be evolving tomorrow.

We’re building the foundation where memories will be made.

Custom furniture design by Courtney Thomas Design in La Cañada



A re-imagining

Appreciating that this is the home you love and don’t want to leave. Re-thinking its interior spaces, and seeking to fully utilize them for the many years of living life here that lie ahead.

We’re understanding the flow of your home, its rooms and spaces, and fitting them all to the flow of your life.

Custom interiors in La Cañada by Courtney Thomas Design


Interior Design

A layering

Capturing the elements that go into creating the way you feel in your home. Deciding on all the finishes, furnishings and flourishes, and adding beautiful layers that bring out each room’s distinct personality.

We’re taking the existing architectural foundation and using design details to evoke the singular story of you living in your home—the meaning it holds, the emotion it evokes, and the soul of its spaces.