La Canadaranch Remodel Kitchen Design
La Canadaranch Remodel Kitchen Design
Courtney Thomas Design - La Cañada's top interior design

Ranch Revival

La Canada, CA


Renovation and Interior Design 2020-2022


Courtney Thomas Design


Mountain Modern aesthetic, multifunctional spaces that maximizing square foot,, family-focused features

Introducing Courtney’s house! Her original 1500-square-foot ranch house sheltered six people (two adults, four kids, and a dog). Those are tight quarters, even for prior New York City dwellers. The original house seemed short on architectural inspiration.+
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La Canada Ranch Remodel Entry Decor
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo Wherever I could, I tried to bring the outdoors in. I wanted this house to feel the immediacy of its environment. That’s why the exterior front entry stone is carried through to the interior.
La Canada Ranch Remodel Kitchen Interior Design
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo Adding a second island to a long kitchen gave us the perfect opportunity to separate tasks and how the kitchen gets used. The sink island is our dish and food prep area where the bar island is mail, crafts and quick snack spot.
La Canada Ranch Revival Kitchen Design
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo The original design did not call for exposed beams but when I saw the 30’ beams going up in the Living Room, I had them replace the old beams over the kitchen to match and left them all open to the ceiling. It’s probably my favorite detail of the house.
Ranch Remodel Master Bedroom Interior Design
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo This Primary Bedroom had to be a sanctuary (all parents should have one). It features some of my favorite things: a cognac leather reading chair next to a fire, Scottish plaid fabrics, a vegetable dye rug, art from my favorite cities and goofy portraits of my kids.
Ranch Remodel Exterior Deck Design La Canada
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo Adding patios to all the bedrooms made all rooms feel much bigger and our temperate CA climate means they can get used year round.