Basement Bar San Marino Renovation
Basement Bar San Marino Renovation
Courtney Thomas Design - La Cañada's top interior design

Playful Plaid Pub

San Marino, CA


Interior Design 2018 - 2020


Builder: Chelsea Construction


Moody and masculine man cave featuring plaid fabric walls, ebony-stained
woodwork and brass accents+
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Playful Pub San Marino Basement Man Cave Design
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo Form meet function: the swivel chairs mean no back to the TV and the coffee table features a fabric ledge for a soft place to put your feet and an inset trey to put your drink
Playful Plaid Pub San Marino Chest Design
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo I love how this sideboard panel design mimics the pattern of the wall plaid.
Home Bar Saddle Cinch Buckle Chair Design
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo This saddle cinch buckle detail carries the hunting scenes from wall art to swivel chair design
Playful Plaid Pub San Marino Mirrored Backsplash Design
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo This mirrored backsplash was part of the original bar design and follows the curvature of the home's upstairs architecture