Courtney Thomas
October 14, 2020

Our Playful Plaid Pub Project

Basements are not terribly common in California homes. Subterranean in this state makes us a little squeamish (earthquakes and all) and, of course, why build ‘rec’ rooms and extra space downstairs away from the natural light when we have twelve month access to the outdoors?  The answer, especially during COVID, is now abundantly clear: Basements = in-home theaters, man caves and, obviously, pubs.

Pour a pint and join us for a quick tour of our recent Pub project.

Our Playful Plaid Pub Before Image 1

The basement featured green carpet,  burgundy and green walls, oversized furniture and oak paneling.

Before Image Our Playful Plaid Pub

The paneling and cabinetry was in near-perfect condition. The herringbone brick walls around the bathroom and wine cellar added the perfect textural balance and gave us the inspirational nudge for a new palette. We just needed a fresh, non-burgundy/green start. This moody and masculine man-cave emerged from two new wall coverings: a black and cream plaid fabric (Kravet) and a show-stopping Phillip Jeffries wallpaper:

Our Playful Plaid Pub Plaid Fabric Designs 1

Several upstair’s projects we’re being completed at the same time and we had paused on the basement to  finish them. Fate had other plans. While we waited, a pipe burst on an exterior wall and flooded the basement. Not to be outshined by her upstair’s siblings, this pub pushed for front-burner attention and she got it. She gets regular visits from the 4 kids of the house but it’s Dad who spends the most time here.

Our Playful Plaid Pub Fireplace Design
Photos  by Christopherr Lee Foto
Our Playful Plaid Pub Living Area Design
Our Playful Plaid Pub Chair Design
Our Playful Plaid Pub Pattern Wall Design
Our Playful Plaid Pub Bathroom Faucets Design
Our Playful Plaid Pub Bar Table Design
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