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In The Neighborhood
May 04, 2021

Flintridge Bookstore

Located on Foothill Boulevard just across from Sprouts is the family owned bookstore, Flintridge Bookstore. Lenora and Peter have been passionate and committed members of this community, providing those of all ages a simple yet vital joy: books.

Lenora And Peter Bookstore

As parents of 5 children, they wanted to create a place where all felt welcome. They understand the value of a community-centered bookstore in their neighborhood. Peter, formerly an astrophysicist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Lenora, a rare and old books specialist, moved to their first of three locations in May 2007. Since then, they have moved twice more before making their home at 858 Foothill Blvd. Lenora and Peter settled into their newest location at the end of February 2020.

Flintridge Bookstore Entry Design

One month later, the Covid-19 pandemic swept the nation and many small businesses with it. As a bookstore, it was deemed a non-essential business and with closed doors their business suffered greatly. They were allowed curbside service and home delivery but the joys of strolling through aisles filled with colorful books and Lenora and Peter’s warm welcome ceased. For a bit. The couple adapted to new guidelines and quickly incorporated new rules. Peter explains, “Whatever life presents is what we live with and we figure out what to do”. This optimistic outlook on life is truly inspiring given the difficulties small businesses faced this past year. Fortunately, Flintridge Bookstore is now open!

Flintridge Bookstore All Book Collection

Their store not only includes a wide variety of books, but they also carry toys, greeting cards, gifts and other novelty items.

Greeting Gifts Novelty Items
Flintridge Bookstore Craft Book Collection

Peter and Lenora’s dedication to the La Cañada community is easy to see through their joyful engagement with their customers. They love meeting the diverse and knowledgeable members of the La Cañada community. And since it has always been important to them that they make a difference, this store and their love of books is how they show it best to the community. Lenora and Peter hope to continue to be a part of the La Cañada backdrop for years to come.

Flintridge Books Collection

It was truly a pleasure to speak with this dedicated and passionate couple. Next time you want to escape into a book and a warm, welcoming shop, you know where to go!

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