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You want to build a house that better reflects and works for you and your families needs. You know the process will be a lengthy one and requires a huge number of decisions be made in quick succession. Just thinking about it gives you a mild...
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Candles are lovely. Flowers, thank you. But, if this Mom is honest, the gifts that mean the most are the experiential ones. And, if I’m really honest, it isn’t always with my kids (or the biggest kid of all, my hubby). Any child with a...
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I know. Who has time to style a bookshelf? On the list of “get more sleep”, “finish field trip slips” and “buy more socks” bookshelf styling is a distant, distant priority. Maybe, though, with spring cleaning, it’s time to give them a second chance.  And not...
Green With Envy Dutch Style Door
St. Patty’s Day green may not light your design heart on fire, but the day’s nod to leprechauns, mischief and a pint or two puts me in the mood to talk about this resurgent color. Navy and charcoal cabinets have not finished their kitchen debuts,...
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I am still learning to love the parts of myself that no one claps for. – Rudy Francisco Adulting is hard. Add parenting to the mix and it’s not a stretch to see why we demand that our kids be the people we should be,...
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No house, however well designed, will protect you from the sounds of toddler meltdowns, the teenage “I hate you’s” or general marital squabbling. Sometimes, though, a well designed room can help restore your sanity. After a day riding the emotional highs and lows, I crave...
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