Courtney Thomas
August 03, 2020

5 In-demand Home Spaces During COVID

Patience and tolerance aren’t the only things being tested right now. Cooped up with our families and their daily habits has shined a bright, blazing light on our homes and how they are either supporting all our needs or falling way short of supporting any.  Here are the spaces we’re seeing take center stage right now: 

1. Kitchens:

Feeding an army or even yourself for sustained periods of time is bound to put your kitchen to the test. This ‘heart of the home’ space has been the scene of new, COVID trends like Bread Baking and Slime Making. Is yours up to the task?

2. Outdoor Spaces and Patios: 

Outdoor Spaces and Patios: There’s a reason outdoor furniture is hard to locate these days and home deliveries of wood and outdoor supplies have been on the rise since March. These spaces are the natural focus when additional square feet are needed and access to parks and our usual recreational spaces are restricted. 

3. Home Offices:

This one needs little to no explanation. Home offices are here to stay.  

4. Kid’s Rooms:

Our kids have been home with us for a while. Like a really long while. And while their old room may have quickly become your favorite pool hall or reading retreat when they were at college, their return signaled some necessary changes. Bedrooms aren’t the only kid’s spaces seeing a transformation. Under-utilized Living Rooms are being re-imagined as Game Rooms and ADU’s (Additional Dwelling Unit. Think pool house or detached in-law apartments) are being repurposed as home schools. 

5. Escape Room or  Sanity Center:

We also refer to these rooms as Master Bedrooms, Meditation Rooms, or the Home Bar. However you define it, this space is your sanctuary amidst the many people (adult and mini) living in your space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is the place where 15 minutes of headspace translates to 15 more minutes of empathy towards your family. You’ll need this room often. 

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