Courtney Thomas
September 30, 2020

3 Reasons to Hire a Design Team Early in Your Project

You just got off the phone with your Mom. She’s coming to see you at Thanksgiving…and staying until New Years. You put aside the scary thoughts about the duration of her visit and think about all the house projects you’ve been meaning to tackle. Can it be done in time? It’s October 1st.

I really don’t want to burst the HGTV fantasies about overnight design dreams but….yes, I do. It’s TV. They get paid to suspend disbelief. Designers are indeed miracle workers. Our job and joy is to bring beauty into the lives of the people we touch. It’s transformative but it’s not Amazon Prime. Our work is curated and customized to you and the lifestyle you want. This takes more time than TV would have you believe but less than if you try it alone without a plan.

Here are a few reasons to hire a design team early:

1. Establishes a Realistic Plan at the Beginning

Ask anyone who’s remodeled a home just how many decisions went into its completion. Knowing where to start can be the stumbling point for many homeowners. We help you and the contractor with timelines and unexpected costs by mapping out the vision first: drawing spatial layouts, making product selections and checking availability for orders before the contractor breaks ground. A designer can simplify your project into manageable steps that they help implement. Their renderings and design concepts help you to clearly visualize your stunning new space, enabling you to make informed decisions BEFORE committing to a renovation or design project.

Bridge Kitchen Rendering

2. Saves You Money In the End

‘If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.’ –Red Adair.
Looking to friends, neighbors & even a contractor for design advice can end up costing you a lot of money. We know this because we hear it from clients who looked to save money by not hiring a design professional the first time they renovated and found themselves crippled by choice-overwhelm at a tile showroom or frustrated by well-meaning advice from relatives, neighbors and friends. For their next project, they called us.

Berkshire House Kitchen Interior Design La Canada

3. Alleviates Stress

It can quickly become overwhelming, especially under constrained timelines and working within a budget. Designers make those decisions regularly, choosing finishes that you will not only LOVE but that will flow beautifully throughout your entire home. We walk alongside you throughout your project, plan in hand, always ready to act as your advocate.

Luxury Living Room Design Altadena Farmhouse

All too often, people have beautiful homes with beautiful elements, but they don’t know how to bring  it all together. As a result they don’t wind up living as fully in their home as they could. Our work is about changing that so our clients can live fully and beautifully in their homes. Let us be part of the big picture changes you want to make. Your Mom can share your daughter’s room one last time while we draw up plans. Think of all the bonding time they’ll have.

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Courtney Thomas, ASID

Principal & Lead Designer

My job is to make spaces functional in their layout, comfortable in their use, inspirational in their style and luxurious in their appointment. In that order. For that one moment after installation, the pictures are perfect.

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